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Lucas and Serge welcome you to this website and hope you will enjoy the many testimonies included and treatments offered. After 6 years of continuous practice and more than 6,000 sessions together, they decided to build this website with the following intentions in mind; 


  • To provide access to the 'Instinctive Field' for years to come and to the greatest number of people possible.

  • To demonstrate this dialogue with the 'Instinctive Field' is not only possible but duplicable.

  • To use this technique to help all types of research and answer questions in all fields: existential, scientific, medical, ecological, political, theological, historical, etc.

For more info about why and how a father and a son pioneered into this, click here.


What is it?  


Instinctive Decoding is a non-invasive methodically approached technique establishing a clear and non-filtered communication with the Instinctive Field ; this field of infinite intelligence which not only governs our bodies and Nature but which is in each of us and  which each of us is a part of. 

It requires two fully trained practitioners (Serge and Lucas Dulac) to establish this bridge which allows a dialog with the 'Instinctive Field'. 

This communication is primarily used for healing, but offers many more possibilities. Read more.


A session of Instinctive Decoding does not require you to enter any special state of (un)-consciousness like hypnosis or trance. You and Serge stay fully conscious throughout the session. 


On the opposite, Lucas Dulac, Serge’s son, is fully trained to enter a very deep state of unconsciousness; a state in which he has no more control over his own body. Once in this deep state, the ‘Instinctive Field’ can use Lucas' body to communicate, either through a well-established sign language or by speaking directly through him.

Read more.

What can Instinctive Decoding do for you?


What Instinctive Decoding can do for you, is offer a bridge between you and the 'Instinctive Field', which includes your body’s own intelligence, instinct, and intuition.

You can use "It", the Instinctive Field, to help many areas of your life such as, healing yourself from the most chronic or said "incurable" diseases (see testimonies), self-development, coaching, decision making, etc. 

Because of Its direct access to infinite knowledge, you may use it to decode anything, by asking It questions. Questions such as understanding your own history, that of your ailments, or even existential questions if that’s your interest. See the treatments offered here.

Can I book a session? 


Anyone can book a session. 

Lucas and Serge function on a result-based approach, therefore they will only undertake a full treatment plan with a patient if the very first session has yielded conclusive results. The first session you will undergo is considered a 'test' session. If the results are conclusive, you will then be offered a full treatment plan, determined directly with the 'Instinctive Field' during your second session.

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