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What to expect during a session 


As Serge and Lucas do not directly come in physical contact, nor require to be in close proximity with the patient during a session for results to be obtained, you need not be physically present. You may therefore undergo treatment from the comfort of your own home as all that is required for a session is audio and visual communication (Video Conferencing). 


Prior to the first session, you will need to create a list of all the symptoms (physical and emotional/mental) you wish to address. This list is important for the first session as it will help provide insight on which results are to be considered conclusive or not. If conclusive improvements are witnessed for any or all of the symptoms described in this list, a more complete treatment plan may be offered. 


Once connected on Skype or any similar video conferencing app, you will be able to see Serge and Lucas and receive treatment. Your first requirement is to be present on the app the day and time of your planned session. You will be asked simply to wait for about 5 to 6 minutes for Lucas (the "bridge") to enter the self induced state required for a session. A deep state of unconsciousness where he looses all control over his body and becomes "The Bridge", enabling The Instinctive Field to take control.


The list of symptoms is reviewed with Serge and The Field at the beginning of the first session, this is also when Serge will teach you the main communication method (finger codes) used by the Field through Lucas's body during a session (Yes, No, Later, etc...). At this point you will be asked by Serge to lie down comfortably and close your eyes for 15 to 25 minutes in order to receive an energy treatment. This energy treatment is undertaken by the Field through Lucas' body and with the help of Serge in whatever capacity is necessary. Some patients may feel a lot, some very little, it is however not required to feel the session for results to be observed.


Once this energy work is finished, Serge will ask you to return to the screen to go over with him and the Field, what was treated and/or observed. This is when you will be given by the Field, a timeline in which to observe the results of the session (usually between 2 to 4 weeks) and possible guidelines and warnings to facilitate the changes that are about to happen. You may be given some insight on the reasons of your condition, possible causes and most likely explanations if available. As this information is directly being sourced by Serge and you from the Field using Lucas, it may offer a more personal and more tailored answer to your questions than more traditional treatment methods would.


At this point, depending on the intensity and length of the treatment (Lucas can only remain in the state up to 75 minutes), there should be some time left over for questions. You can use this time to ask the Instinctive Field anything you'd like. Serge continually transcribes all that is said during these conversation times, and anything that was written during a session will be sent to you by email.Once the questions asked and the conversation finished, it will be time for the ‘final cleanse’ during which you will be asked to lie down once more and close your eyes for 3 to 7 minutes. This 'final cleanse' is important as it releases and protects you, Lucas, and Serge from any residual emotions or negative energies exchanged during the treatment. 


Once this 'final cleanse' is finished, Lucas will awake from the state and you will be asked to return to the screen so as to receive the final information needed before your next treatment. Lucas cannot participate consciously or unconsciously during a session, but once out of the state he may be able to provide his personal insight and further information he was able to gather during the treatment. 


Please note that throughout the entire session:


- You will never be asked nor be induced to enter a special state, that’s Lucas’ part. You and Serge stay fully conscious the whole time. 

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