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Instinctive Decoding History
How It Evolved


Serge Dulac started this bridge with his ex-wife Rebecca in 1990, 9 months before Lucas, their son, was born. Over the course of 30 years of practice, Serge has done more than 9000 sessions to date, including the 6000+ with Lucas who, wanting to become the bridge, asked Serge to train him in 2012. 


Since then, Serge and Lucas have become fully involved in developing this unique method. After a few sessions, both became equally motivated in pushing it further; beginning with making the basic communication more efficient, fluid, easy, less able to be filtered, and more understandable. From the basic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer during the first 1 to 200 sessions, they evolved a sign language of 48 codes and ultimately, 300 sessions later, they reached their goal of having "It" (The Instinctive Field) talk through Lucas’ mouth directly! It took countless sessions for this communication to become seamless and converse easily with "It". After, they started to heal patients and the word of mouth brought them more patients consistently, pushing them to dig deeper into the possibilities they could now have access to. Having "It" speak words was the biggest break-through in the 24 years of work Serge undertook.


Since the Field could now speak, Serge and Lucas could finally get answers to open questions like why, when, how, and who. This allowed them to improve and broaden exponentially the treatments they could offer, while consistently improving what they had learned and practiced under the guidance of the Field. 


"It" gave them precise limits to respect in order to treat on a regular basis without being negatively affected. These limits being 3 sessions a day, 5 days a week, and a 1 month break 3 times a year. As long as they respect these guidelines, they are able to treat without risk. Serge and Lucas continually strive to maintain a safe outcome for themselves and others by also receiving the proper treatments. Some of these treatments are "Maintenance" sessions where Serge and Lucas are cleansed from any residual bad energy or emotions they may have held on too from the sessions they've performed.

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