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How does it work?

Instinctive Decoding Method


A session of Instinctive Decoding does not require you to enter any special state of (un)-consciousness like hypnosis or trance. You and Serge stay fully conscious throughout the session. 


On the opposite, Lucas Dulac, Serge’s son, is fully trained to enter a very deep state of unconsciousness; a state in which he has no more control over his own body. It is a kind of coma. His relaxed body remains fully alive but Lucas has no control over it. Once in this state, he cannot move, raise his finger or speak, even if he intended to. The Instinctive Field, which with his consent has taken his body hostage, can now use Lucas' body to communicate with us, either through a well-established sign language or by speaking directly through Lucas' mouth, without Lucas being able to consciously or voluntarily intervene.

Besides the 'Instinctive Field', there are many names for what answers through Lucas' body. 

"It" has been referred to as the Collective Unconscious, or The Instinct. Others speak of the Quantum Field, the Field, Nature’s Intelligence, the Holy Spirit, the Ultimate Self, or the Source.

Whatever name you call it, "It" is fine with it. Why? Because "It" does not have an ego, "It" is not a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, "It" is not Lucas nor even his own subconscious at play. "It" is not another entity from another dimension, "It" is, in fact, our common Instinct, the sum of all egos, of all entities. However, "It" itself is not an entity, rather a field of consciousness, a field of universally but unconsciously owned intelligence, an Instinctive Field.


That Instinct, that Source, is an intelligence infinitely greater than our own.

How can one prove this? Let's start with the human body and its direct connection with this Intelligence.


Which conscious entity, including you, knows how to grow a single hair? 

Do you consciously make your heart beat? Do you control with ultimate precision, billions of cells in an instant in order to activate thousands of muscles to jump, use your hands to eat, or control your optical nerve to read this? What controls your digestion, your growth, your creation from a tiny sperm and ovule to what you look like now? 

When we think about it, your body proves to you every day that it has its own intelligence totally separated from, and unconscious to, you. Without this amazing body, you could not experience life as you do now; you could not talk, walk, hear, smell, touch, etc. You can do nothing without this body of yours, which is itself guided by an intelligent instinct you are hardly aware of: "The Instinctive Field".

Since "It" is connecting and permeating each and every one of us, entities, a session does not require the patient’s physical proximity. The patient usually stays in his/her home and follows the session through video conference (Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime…).  see what happens in a session.


Serge and Lucas agree this is not a common healing procedure. It may be difficult to trust until you experience it, and in all honesty, you do not have to believe in it in order to experience it and/or benefit from it. Serge and Lucas insist that the patient remain aware of their doubt and skepticism throughout the healing process until proof of validity is delivered. After all, how could they possibly trust Instinctive Decoding before experiencing it? The technique is indeed ground-breaking and has only been introduced through word-of-mouth thus far.


Lucas and Serge hope that this unique access to pure knowledge will one day be fully recognized and accessible to all, for the unimaginable benefits it can bring to you and all who experience it. 

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