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Serge is currently looking to publish his book in English,
if you or someone you know can help, please contact us!

This is the cover of the French version which is currently published in French -speaking countries and online.

COUV ENTIERE pour publier.jpg

Through his artistic carrer, Serge Dulac used the power of stillness and silence to express his philosophy of life. To explain and teach this, he wrote a book called "Maintenant, un manuel pour etre ici" ("Now, a manuel to be here"). This book is a method to bring the reader to higher degrees of consciousness, experience the oneness of all Beings with each other and with the whole universe. It opens a whole new dimension of life and a whole new perspective on it, for whoever reaches it.

Serge Says 


« Everything I do, from enlightening workshops, to worldwide show productions, to my atypical way of life, to the Instinctive Decoding technique, has been driven by a knowledge which I discovered many years ago.

The access to this knowledge is explained in detail in my book "Nowing, the Art of Being Here".

It is not only a book, but a method, a manual.

It not only talks about our deeper self but actually brings you to embrace it!

It does not talk about the power of attraction of the mind like many other books and publications. However, after reading it, you will fully understand why and how this power exists. You will know why and how it works! And you will actually experience your ‘present’ in both meanings of the word (time/gift).

This book is a method to bring the reader to a degree of self-consciousness which allows him / her to experience the oneness of all Beings with each-other and with the whole universe.

It uses logic and precise and unique perception exercizes. It requires no particular pre-existing knowledge, beleif or faith apart from the acceptance that you are now existing.

It opens a whole new dimension of life and a whole new perspective and power on it, for whoever reaches it.»

A transformative technique to freely reach and feel your deepest self

Extract from the forward  

To my surprise, one day, I realized that I was far from being alone in knowing this state; quite the contrary, in fact. It had actually been described, since thousands of years, by masters of spirituality and religion, by artists of every genre, philosophers…/… It wasn’t until after I had already tasted this state of being for myself that I was finally able to…/… realize that we are all speaking of the same experience. I then realized that even if the truth is written, painted, filmed, spoken, even taught, it remains inaccessible and mysterious to those without the ‘decoder’. Since that day, I have focused my research on creating this decoder, rather than describing the effects that this state has brought to my everyday life. This decoder now exists. You are holding it in your hand"

Reader Reviews


Spontaneous comment by a french reader, posted on a website where the french book is currently sold. Dated October 27th, 2012, translated into English:

" An exceptional book written by a Frenchman! (posted by Jmarc2006 by the 27/10/2012)

I have rarely read such a clear and intelligent attempt to explain reality and the reality process often discussed elsewhere in a more or less esoteric, mystical, quantum  way... Serge Dulac fulfills its purpose masterfully and guides us to the most subtle awareness at a time when many others are working with great difficulty to explain the potential and true nature through modern concepts that are intended to be '' quantum''.

The book Serge Dulac wrote outperforms usual and fashionable  ‘law of attraction’, Course in Miracles, Personal Development and Ho’oponopono. Many authors are reduced to a negligible input in comparison to the work of synthesis and logic S. Dulac produced: Tolle, Chopra and many more ... who, whatever their merits, are mostly talkers who write book after book on the same subject: the here and now

Written by a French individual with many major talents, at the level of Frank Hatem who also made ​​understandable the nature of reality and our involvement through an implacable logic, this little book will please you in many ways when it will not change radically your approach to your life by revealing its hidden process, unless you would not want to see.

I bought this book after having read and reread his article that was published in the magazine #105 of '3ieme Millénaire' in Sept 2013: amazing! 


Thank you to S Dulac for his wit and talent. "



Here is, translated from French, a critic of  ''NOWwing' written by Nadine B., a woman who, after reading “Maintenant, un Manuel pour être ici” extracted herself and many others from a cult which had fooled her for more than 10 years.

" Maintenant,

or how to reset the counter to zero and set the record straight.

At first glance, this book appears to be without odor or flavor, bound in grey and filled with black and white. No pictures, a few illustrations but no illusions. Not too many images to confront our mirages. No complicated words, or convoluted sentences; the goal is not to get drunk on rosewater or get dizzy with sensuality, to play with humor or to reflect by pleasure, only to land HERE. 
It is not a romance novel, but a manual that zeroes in on essential concepts.  It invites action, pushes us to live that which is: the now.  It is not a transcendental journey, nor an oriental voyage to take us somewhere else, another delusion.  It will move you, only closer to your origin.  We are here to study reality, without embellishment, at all levels:  minus one, zero, ONE. Here we go on a merry-go-round, where the past and future get us dizzy, make us lose our head, where certainties shatter as we reach for the ring, the reward of the present. 
It is not an argument, but a mathematic demonstration of elementary logic.  If you follow the reasoning, what you will find is nothing less than the “foundation of being” or the “ultimate reality.” 

At last the mind is used!  This abhorrent mind, which we strive to dominate in order to reach its beloved Void!  This poor mind, disparaged, overridden; seen as an obstacle blocking us the noble Fullness of the Instant, could it in fact be used to drive us towards serenity?  The thought, reduced to an “embryo of consciousness” by Zen masters of all kinds, the tough promoters of meditation, has for once the privilege of seeing itself valued in a search for the Self. As for the preface, testimony of humanity, it is not of the same vein as the expose it precedes, as it was no doubt written later.  You could skip it.

Coming out of the method, it leaves us such a great possibility to create what we please and to live what is, that it is unnecessary to look for a guide, an exemplary model.  This book offers a space of great neutrality, addressing relativity with simplicity, the absolute relativity so dear to philosophers… It is to these pages that I owe my total liberation from a system, where, in fleeing the anguish of solitude, death, and the unknown, I was fed a series of sterile dogmas, narrow-minded, sectarian, so-called universal ideas, varied and diverse opinions, all of which served only as an obstacle between me and the true Presence, which I have in me, and which I grant to others. 

This book of little exercises has given me a capacity to … contemplate:  to know what is good for me, what I want, and what I need. To be here. With Me, me and me.  To be here, now, from now on.  To rest in an interval, within the infinity of time and space; to consider all my life and smile at its magic.  Without euphoria, or madness, without ecstasy.  Just the joy of breathing, of creating, of inventing me. 

Thank you, Mr. Dulac, for this instruction manual.  In reading you in black on white, I finished by seeing a blank slate.  It feels like nothing, this Nothing, but it has the taste of a biblical Sunday, a divine break in the genesis of each of us. If I may, dear sir, I would ask you, please, not to succumb to the mystical sirens of the great beyond, not to become a sorcerer; but to be content teaching the secret of the instant, springing from youth and source of it, the world will take care of the rest.  

I am in your debt.  For this key to the field, this spring cleaning in the universe of our beliefs, this open window to the eternal present. 
This little book is as precious to me as a prayer book.  Today it is a landmark in my reality: a book before-after. "



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