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Serge Dulac


It all started quite normally.

Serge Dulac was born in France in 1964. He spent his first seventeen years in a small village of
two hundred inhabitants of the Pre-Alps and continued his graduate studies in Civil Engineering
at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon.


Graduated as an engineer in 1987, he refused to lock himself in this profession and quickly won
a competition which enabled him to follow the training of the brand new Air France school to
become an airline pilot at no cost, due to the predicted shortage of future staff at the time. He
follows classes for three weeks, then resigns ... His desire to experiment with less conventional,
less predictable paths, his ‘out of the box’ thinking, his incessant questioning about the role and
place a human being occupies in the universe, all that Serge Dulac then discovers as potential
in him, pushes him to follow his future wife to the United States, an 8 months trip.
He had no idea what changes this exile would create in his life.


Once in the United States, he worked tirelessly to write and build his first book, “Now A Manual
to Be Here”, to be published a few years later, in 2002, in France (Maintenant, un Manuel
pour Etre Ici).


In the meantime, he creates a street show as an interactive living statue and rapidly
achieves success. This passion for show creation and acting led him to found Unity Productions
Inc in 1999. Thanks to this still existing structure, he can create, produce and sell unique
entertainment concepts around the world.
Nearly twenty live interactive shows have been developed through his company to be played in
amusement parks or at specific events around the world.


It is also in the United States that year that Serge discovered the method of "instinctive
decoding", a dialogue with "the Source", which would turn his life around.


Serge Dulac's scientific education and spirit led him to practice this somewhat esoteric dialogue
in the most Cartesian way possible. He is constantly asking for evidence, explanations,
constantly questioning everything until new types of treatments are fully validated by their


Since 2014, he has been practicing this method in close collaboration with his son Lucas. They
committed to systematically testing each treatment on themselves first. Both continue to push
the limits, to remain precise - even meticulous - totally devoted to this research and to this
cause, with insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity.


During twenty-nine years of practice, Serge Dulac has to date carried out more than 9,000


In his own words, he is "session after session, more and more astonished, and even blown
away and deeply touched and grateful to have managed to establish such a simple and
reliable dialogue with the 'instinctive field', 'the Source ', a field of infinite intelligence which is in
us at all times, and of which each of us is part of. "

Lucas Dulac



Lucas Dulac was born in 1991, and raised in the French countryside. From age 15 to 21,
Lucas played in a band, The Daffs, and studied photography and musicology while
attending University Lyon 2. He worked as a bartender/manager in Lyon for two and a half
years before moving to Orlando to work with his father, Serge Dulac.


From an early age, Lucas was interested in sessions and helping others. He was aware of the benefits of this work as his father started doing sessions for him from the time he was in the womb.


He proposed to Serge that he would like to become the bridge for the source. Upon moving to
Orlando, they began training and completed around two hundred sessions for Lucas to
become the bridge.


Since 2014, they have completed more than 6,000 sessions treating
others. Making the connection and discovering the possibilities has allowed Lucas to explore
the many benefits of instinctive decoding. Lucas is not only the bridge for the source, he is
also a patient. Going through the many different phases of self-discovery and understanding
allows him to help guide others through the process.


When he is not doing sessions, Lucas continues to enjoy making music under the name Luky U and practices photography, especially when he travels. Him and his wife love to travel, cook, and spend time with their dog, Winston. Lucas is grateful to continue learning more each day while helping others.

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