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Other fields of application

There is so much Instinctive Decoding can help with, and new applications are constantly being discovered. The main reason Serge and Lucas are approached is for healing, however, Instinctive Decoding is not just about healing, it opens up new possibilities to get true, practical, and valuable help in different matters. Below are a few of these applications.

Diagnosis and origin of any ailment or concern: 


Because "It" talks to the unconscious intelligence of the body itself, "It" may offer a more personal and tailored analysis of your condition opposed to traditional medical treatments. The diagnosis will be for information only and Serge and Lucas advise you to continue seeking a medical practitioner or clinic as they primarily supplement rather than replace. 

Aesthetic means assessment: 


You can ask ''It'' what your optimum diet and level of activity is according to your body needs, how many hours of sleep you require each day, and what and how to use the products you already have in a more efficient and tailored manner.


Couples therapy: 

During couples therapy sessions, a couple is treated as an entity in and of itself. "It" treats a couple as 2 opposite forces, which when combined, create a third. The couple is treated together during sessions; energetically, emotionally, and psychologically.


Child therapy: 


If the child’s age is between a fetus to around 12 years old, depending on maturity, only the parent(s) need to be present. Not only will the child be treated, the parents will also be advised on how to better care for them during the healing process and in general if requested.


Living organisms therapy:


The treatment and diagnosis of living organisms, such as animals or plants. 

Emergency healing: 


When there is no more hope after a sudden accident, "It" may still be able to help.


Life Coaching : 


Some degree of coaching will happen as a part of most sessions, but more coaching is available if you ask for it.


Personal decision making : 


Any questions regarding personal decisions may be asked, such as when should I sell my house, how much for, what country/ town would I feel the best in, is it in my interest to… are practical questions answered instantly.


Professional/Entrepreneurial organization and key decision making : 


Questions such as where to implant my new project, who to associate with, at which level, or how to market most efficiently, are answered by the Instinctive Field directly with an emphasis on what is in your best interest.


Technological help : 


"It" can give you clearer direction on your research or new paths to explore in any field. 


Consider this as an opportunity to converse freely with your intuition where you can receive answers, get advice, or get a better understanding. The possibilities are truly endless, they are only limited to what you choose to ask.

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