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Here are some of the many testimonies patients have written, emailed, or texted during and after their Instinctive Decoding treatments. Serge and Lucas, continuously looking to better their practice, would like to thank any of those who have spoken about their work to others. They are thankful for the opportunities it has given them to reach their audience and of course, to those who were willing to testify of their experience with this unique method of healing.

There are so many ways of experiencing Instinctive Decoding that only personal testimony can truly give us an insight into what this method can produce. (Serge and Lucas work internationally and some of these testimonies may have been translated from their original language but remain untouched in their descriptions)

" I am more convinced than ever that the work you are doing is really something spectacular and on the cutting edge. The care and results provided far exceeded the work of any other therapist I have ever worked with.  The results were palpable, concrete and visible. "

" I was really skeptical but gosh I don't regret anything at all they have changed my life and perspective on everything . Thank you so much again you've been amazing! "


In stages, the layers of emotions are evacuated by the body in a way that is sometimes painful, challenging, tiring. The proposed accompaniment is a reconstruction of oneself. "

" I contacted you about a recurring pain in the shoulder, being more than skeptical but at the same time curious. 

A few sessions were enough to remove this uneasiness, thanks to your son and you. I do not try to understand the reasons for this improvement, but the facts are here. "

" I was skeptical and at first it seemed very strange. We then came to a point in the session where I could ask questions, to, I guess, you could call my subconscious. I know how crazy this sounds, even writing it I think it sounds crazy, but it is as real as anything I have ever experienced. "

" I am a stage IV ovarian cancer survivor. Lucas and Serge's part in my healing journey is immense. Thanks to sessions with them, not only I became cancer free, I gained so much understanding about myself, spirituality, the nature of life. Connecting with Source is an amazing privilege and thanks to Serge and Lucas, it is possible.

Whether you have health issues or would love to grow spiritually- sessions with them will change your life."

" My son tried a psychologist who practices the TIPI method. He does not adhere. But she will give me a very precious number that of Serge Dulac. It was a miraculous discovery. A long journey, almost 2 years, but worth it. 
A simple, generous, understanding man who knows how to listen, to guess, to predict what will happen. 

A big thanks and much gratitude to you for agreeing to treat my son and cure him of his physical and mental pains.

It is with great joy that I give your phone number to friends when traditional medicine is powerless. For the moment the feedback I get is only success. "

" The unique method put in place by Serge and Lucas is a real partnership with their patient. In total trust, the exchanges are rich and productive. Other methods of working on oneself exist, I approached them (meditation, reiki). However this work is anchored forever, the letting go happens naturally. "

" I appreciated the precision with which Serge and Lucas identified my difficulties and found the axes on which I must work. "

" According to me, Lucas and Serge establish a clear connection with what some call the collective unconscious, others the Source, others God, I do not know yet what name can be given to this unspeakable ... whatever ... "

" I would like to recommend sessions with Serge and Lucas that will allow you to understand and move more serenely in a very fair, precise and adapted way to your life. The change appears relatively quickly in relation to very deep problems in your body and in your mind and where unsuspected difficulties can be revealed.

To my astonishment, during a session, the source highlights one of my behaviors which I have been seeking for years to understand. It explains why my exchanges with others are sometimes difficult. "

" My monstrous migraines have completely disappeared, my traumatized shoulder does not hurt anymore, many small physical pains no longer exist ...

Today I can put things into perspective, I am more relaxed, my relationships with others are more relaxed, I know myself better and better. "

" This work requires a conscious and total commitment, there are key steps which are difficult to pass, but each time Serge and Lucas were there to illuminate these moments. 

Nowadays I can take care of others while respecting myself at the same time and without feeling guilty. I no longer live in fear, but in hope and joy. "

" If you are on this site and you read my words, I advise you to take the step and to let you be guided, be helped. "

" It is amazing that in retrospect, I only remember the happy stages of this learning.

Indeed, at each stage of body repair, a new self appears, more serene, more anchored, a well being that makes you smile. "

" Of course, everything is not done in a day, there are "waves", times when I have a low mood, when I cry (and it feels good to let go) but it does not last, it's normal, it's part of the process.

These sessions did not change my personality but they improved it. My personal and professional acquaintances also notice it. "

" If you want to offer yourself a gift in life, I suggest you do the one of attending sessions with Serge and Lucas. The path will not be smooth and easy, but it is well worth it! "

" Thanks to Serge and Lucas for your simplicity, your comforting words, your commitment, your sharing ... "

" Serge and Lucas are great guys, you can very clearly see that their main purpose in doing this is to help people. I would recommend this to anyone, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I am very grateful for it! "

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