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Full Testimonies



Here are some of the many testimonies patients have written, emailed, or texted during and after their Instinctive Decoding treatments. Serge and Lucas, continuously looking to better their practice, would like to thank any of those who have spoken about their work to others. They are thankful for the opportunities it has given them to reach their audience and of course, to those who were willing to testify of their experience with this unique method of healing.

There are so many ways of experiencing Instinctive Decoding that only personal testimony can truly give us an insight into what this method can produce. (Serge and Lucas work internationally and some of these testimonies may have been translated from their original language but remain untouched in their descriptions)

(Note: Some patients use the term ‘Physician’ which designates the instinctive field, which is not an entity and which is what Serge and Lucas bridge with during the sessions).

This is a testimonial written to Serge Dulac regarding Seasonal Affective Disorder.

My battle with this condition has been going on since early childhood. In fact I can only remember one Christmas my entire life.

My ex wife used to tell me that I had ruined every Christmas for the Children and she was indeed right.

I tried everything from Melatonin, I bought an entire panel of full spectrum lights and slept underneath them, I put expensive full spectrum fluorescent  lights throughout my office, I made sure I took the entire family skiing every winter to get the glare off of the snow, I went to a hypnotist, I took prescription drugs to sleep and I took antidepressants.

Nothing worked. My symptoms were a little different than some peoples., I personally did not feel depressed I felt like a had an emotional rubber band all around me. Don’t talk to me and leave me alone it will be gone in Febuary I said to myself daily.

One Christmas I was at a conference  and met my cousin for the first time in my life. We were walking down St Catherine’s Street. It was beautiful, the lights were excessive, there were garlands everywhere and people singing Christmas carols every few blocks. I said to her “You must love Christmas” She looked at me as if I were possessed. “What do you mean, all of the offspring of Mme. Bouissseau hate Christmas, all of our cousins everybody we all hate Christmas”

It was at that moment I understood as a Physician that I had a congenital disease, that I was not alone. Back home and more reading but nothing helped.

My wife suggested that I try energy medicine. Nothing to lose I said why not but with little expectation. One session for one hour, no pain and a lot of doubt Serge cured me and it has been gone for the last 5 years. I now enjoy Christmas and show no signs of recurrence. I have recommended Serge to several of my fellow physicians. The usual response has been “I don’t understand it but somehow it works”  


Roger Murray M.D.

From Roger Murray M.D. United States, by email

Hello Serge!  

I'm so happy to hear from you.  It gives me an opportunity to say how thankful I am for the help + guidance provided. 

I admit that when I invested in your services I was simply trusting the advice of a friend.  I am more convinced than ever that the work you are doing is really something spectacular and on the cutting edge.  My heart is doing so well, and I have you and your son to thank. If I can ever provide a referral to 

a potential customer in doubt, please don't hesitate to call me. My phone number is 321-318-0042. The care and results provided far exceeded the work of any other cardiologist I have ever worked with.  The results were palpable, concrete and visible.  I only wish we had the measurement tools from that time to back up my words - - but as you know, 



Thank you so very, very much. 

From A. S. Atlanta, USA by email

I met Serge and Lucas for the first time about a year ago. When I first went to them I really didn’t know what to expect, but they were recommended by someone I trust, so I went. 

I was skeptical and at first it seemed very strange. We spoke briefly and then we went into the session. The experience is hard to explain.  I felt this amazing feeling of peace and relaxation, which I hadn’t felt in a long time. We then came to a point in the session where I could ask questions, to, I guess, you could call my subconscious.

I know how crazy this sounds, even writing it I think it sounds crazy, but it is as real as anything I have ever experienced. 

I had this amazing feeling that is too hard to put into words. When the session was over I left with a feeling of relief and comfort. I felt like I had a very clear and exact direction of where I needed to go and what I needed to do, in life in general. 


Serge and Lucas are great guys, you can very clearly see that their main purpose in doing this is to help people. I would recommend this to anyone, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I am very grateful for it! 

From R. M. Jr Cocoa, USA by email

First I would like to truly thank from the bottom of my heart Serge Dulac and his son. 

To explain briefly my story I was suffering from major anxiety and panic attacks,my life became really challenging to go on with my day. Then my mom had heard about Serg and told me to try a session so I contacted them , after doing so they told me I wasn't ready to go through their sessions , I was really down but began to do some work on myself . I contacted them again after about 6 months they told me I was ready to begin my sessions with them . I was really skeptical but gosh I don't regret anything at all they have changed my life and perspective on everything . Thank you so much again you've been amazing ! 

From B. B. France, by email

Initially, thanks to Carine my wife on whom I saw the progress felt by her, I contacted you about a recurring pain in the shoulder, being more than skeptical but at the same time curious. 

A few sessions were enough to remove this uneasiness, thanks to your son and you. I do not try to understand the reasons for this improvement, but the facts are here.

It allowed me to meet a dear being: my body, with whom I now share my life since some time, discussions are frank but precise.

This seems so unrealistic according to my previous certainties, how can anyone treat through a screen? But in fact, you just have to listen to it and listen to yourself, to get to know yourself better and to come up with impressive results. 

Thank you for this meeting, this knowledge and this listening, which confirms that with this new technology, one can have positive meetings and especially one will not stay on one’s basic preconceptions ...... 

Good day to you the Americans.


From Gilles V France, by email

My name is Emmanuelle, I live in Givors, France,

My meeting with Serge and Lucas dates from about 5 years ago. This meeting, as crazy as it may seem, I had called it with all my soul, and like "magic" I met Serge during one of his stays in France at a friend's house.

We talked a lot, and for the first time in my life I felt really heard about experiences in my life that I ended up thinking were complete nonsense. I was also at a painful time of my life, divorce with my husband was my initiative, big problems at work, full of questions about my future and the feeling of having nothing anymore to do in this life and on this planet ... I decided to start sessions with Serge, Lucas and Physician.

At this moment, according to me, Lucas and Serge establish a clear connection with what some call the collective unconscious, others the Source, others God, I do not know yet what name can be given to this unspeakable ... whatever ...

Hereafter is, in the end, what I can testify about what happened to me, and this is not pretending it was easy. This work requires a conscious and total commitment, there are key steps which are difficult to pass, but each time Serge and Lucas were there to illuminate these moments.

Today I no longer somatize about my body (it used to be a lot: kidney stones, infected cysts, chronic ear infections and so on ...). Situations which were violent for me I recognize them now for what they are, and they pass without leaving any trauma. The dialogue with the body and the mind has synchronized.

It was almost impossible for me to take care of myself. I was letting all the others, parents, family, friends be first ... before me. My needs did not matter. Nowadays I can take care of others while respecting myself at the same time and without feeling guilty. I no longer live in fear, but in hope and joy. This allowed me, among other things, to be able to accompany my children without anxiety and clearly to "live what they dreamed of, rather than dream what they could live" (my daughter's own words when she was 8 years old! ). For the “mother hen” I had been, it was not a given! 

And if I have to talk about myself, I'm 50 years old and I feel alive, free and happy like never before! The list could be long ... 

 If I have to say one last thing, the most invaluable for me is the accompaniment of Serge, without compensation, in my path as a "bridge", which in my eyes has no price! He will understand what I'm talking about!

If you want to offer yourself a gift in life, I suggest you do the one of attending sessions with Serge and Lucas. The path will not be smooth and easy, but it is well worth it! 

 I wish you to take care of yourself. 

Thanks to Physician or whatever your name, 

Thank you to my two Angels of Light, you know how much you have my love and gratitude. 


From Emmanuelle R France, by email

I heard about Serge and Lucas through a friend.

I have been doing sessions with them for about 4 years.

It's hard to describe everything, but here are my feelings.

First of all, there is no judgment.

During the session, when Physician describes your problem, it's like evidence, a deliverance, finally I am understood ...

Physician puts words on my troubles, on what I felt in the depths of myself without being able to express it.

The well-being that follows is hard to explain, I'm just fine.

Here is what I have observed since ... my monstrous migraines have completely disappeared, my traumatized shoulder does not hurt anymore, many small physical pains no longer exist ...

Today I can put things into perspective, I am more relaxed, my relationships with others are more relaxed, I know myself better and better.

For example, at work, during a meeting, I speak more without my heart racing, I can express my opinions, my feelings ... and I am listened to.

I come out of those moments full of serenity, I am finally myself.

I learn more and more to listen to my body, to do according to my desires, to take care of me.

Of course, everything is not done in a day, there are "waves", times when I have a low mood, when I cry (and it feels good to let go) but it does not last, it's normal, it's part of the process.

These sessions did not change my personality but they improved it.

My personal and professional acquaintances also notice it.

Even if my first problem is still being resolved, these sessions are so positive that I know I will get there. I have total confidence. I take better advantage of the present moment. In short, I can say that I am happy.

Thanks to Serge and Lucas for your simplicity, your comforting words, your commitment, your sharing ...

Thanks to Physician for EVERYTHING.


From Isabelle D France, by email

(All the cruciate ligaments of the knee grow back, the fibrillations in the heart disappear.)


I broke my knee ligaments in February 2014 following a fall on skis. Passionate about skiing, I was very upset to have to have an operation, and given the planned rehabilitation period, the following season was compromised. It was then that Serge, whom I had known for over 20 years but who I rarely saw because of our geographic distance, called my house to inquire about me because he had had a feeling that I had a problem. He was on vacation at the time in the Nîmes region and he did not hesitate to join me at my home in the Hautes-Pyrénées to give me a "physician" session.

I was absolutely not convinced that this could help me and the surgeon was formal: the MRI perfectly showed the rupture of the ligaments. Serge, always enthusiastic, assures me that with several sessions the ligaments will heal but that it will take time. He advises me not to cancel the appointment for the operation which was already scheduled for May. During this time Serge did several sessions from Florida with Lucas, and me via skype. When the date of the operation approaches, Serge asks me to convince the surgeon to repeat an MRI in order to provide proof that the ligaments had completely healed! It was not an easy task, the surgeon was convinced that the cruciate ligaments cannot be re-welded. He first made a "measurement of the drawer" with a device and he was amazed that the two knees reacted in the same way. So he gives me a second MRI which clearly showed the ligaments that had re-grown and tightened. The surgeon tells me that he is seeing this for the first time in his career and cancels the operation. I gradually returned to sport and cross-country skiing the following season!


I also called on Serge and Lucas to treat atrial fibrillation problems

The crises handicapped me for several years, I underwent two operations without success but from the moment when I agreed to speak to my body as Serge advised me the fibrillations stopped overnight. I haven't had it for a year and a half.

I am very grateful to Serge and Lucas who have always been available, caring, encouraged me despite my doubts and allowed me to heal.

From Christophe P France, by email

My name is Emmanuelle, I met Serge at a friend's house while he was in France. We had the opportunity to talk about things and others, and especially about his work with Lucas, his son, on healing, and about P, ​​the powerful source of the collective unconscious with which they are connected during the sessions.

I do not have a serious illness, I lived periods of intense happiness, sadness and dismay like everyone else, however a feeling of deep inner loneliness inhabited me since my childhood and made my existence at the limit of bearable sometimes.

It was obvious to make an appointment for sessions. To describe them here would be too long and they remain specific to each individual.

Writing about the scope of their incredible power, this is what I can testify:

The feeling of loneliness is gone, instead a form of peace and recognition has settled in life.

I'm starting to believe in myself, really.

I welcomed and agreed to go where I have always been afraid to venture when it has called me for years, magnetism.

I feel more and more guided in my body and soul by hope and faith, not by fear.

Today I no longer somatize in my body (which could go far enough, kidney stone, infected cysts, recurrent ORL infections and so on ...) the situations that I see as violent for me, I recognize them for what they are, and they pass without leaving trauma. The dialogue with body and mind has been synchronized.

It was almost impossible for me to take care of myself. I put everyone else, parents, family, friends ... before me. My needs didn't count. Now I can take care of them while respecting those of others, without feeling guilty.

I no longer live in fear, but in hope and in joy. This allowed me, among other things, to be able to accompany my children without anxiety and clearly to "live what they dreamed, rather than dreaming what they could do" (words of my daughter when she was 8 years old! ). As a mother "hen" it was not won! And if I have to talk about myself, I'm 50 years old and I feel alive, free and joyful like never before!

The list could go on ... If I have to say one last thing, the most immeasurable for me concerns the support of Serge, without compensation, in my path as a "bridge", which in my eyes has no price! He will understand what I am talking about!

If you have a gift to give yourself in your life, I suggest that you do that of doing sessions with Serge and Lucas. The path will not be smooth and easy, but it is so worth it! I hope you take care of yourself.


For everything that happens to me beautiful in my life, thank you to them and to P.

From E. R. France, by email

I started with Serge and Lucas in January 2016, with a lot of little worries.

Both are people who listen to each other, they advise you, and take the time to explain things to you, and that I appreciated from the start.

At first a little skeptical, but the more the months passed, the more I understood how they work. They have been unsealing things that have been buried in you for years, and which, without realizing it, prevented you from moving forward.

For my part, family worries, obesity, and stress spoiled my life, the more the months passed and the better I was.

Today it will soon be a year since I started the adventure, my mind and my body are in harmony. The body is a "person" that must be respected, thanks to this, I lost 20kg, more anxiety, and the free spirit.

I cannot thank Serge and Lucas enough for all they have done for me!

They are two extraordinary people, and if you are lucky to cross their path, your life will be completely transformed!

From F. G. France, by email

I would like to share my extraordinary healing experience with Serge and Lucas. In return, perhaps I could be a relay and help other people in difficulty.

I lived with a feeling of protection until my 50th birthday, in 2010. Everything was linked perfectly and successfully, both professionally and personally.

The only difficulties were pain caused by hereditary osteoarthritis, which had been in place for a long time. I lived with it.

Everything changed in 2010 during a car accident: the young driver who followed me while we were driving 90km did not see that I was braking to pass pedestrians, a huge shock!

A very significant cervical sprain with deviation of the spine immobilized me two years with intolerable suffering. I lost my job.

I started to recover two years later when I fell on the stairs of my cellar. Unbearable pain, transported by the firefighters, the verdict was heavy. Three fractured vertebrae. Wearing a rigid corset from the neck to the groin. Three months later, after a false movement, another lumbar fracture. Three months later, stupid fall, new back fracture. A few months later, without any cause, excruciating pain in the lower back, new lumbar fracture. A few months later, I carry my 8 month old nephew and still have unbearable pain, back fracture. While showering, the shower head hits my foot, fractured little finger. All these fractures occurred in two years.

Examinations reveal osteoporosis.

I wore a corset for two years, I suffered a lot, I lost 6cm. I was 1.70m tall, now I am 1.64m tall. My torso is twisted because the fractures modify the shape of the vertebrae.

The doctors only offer me painkillers, anti-inflammatories, recommend wearing a corset.

My sister, suffering from seeing me transform physically and psychically, advises me to contact Serge and Lucas.

They have a clear, logical, infallible working technique. We are what we are at the moment, what we were the second before is no longer. What causes our pain, physical or mental, is the consequence of an event that occurred at some point in our lives. We are not necessarily aware of it. The work of Serge and Lucas is to make us aware of this event so that the blockage it caused is erased, leaving room for healing.

I benefited from three sessions and, little by little, the pains disappear, I straighten up, I no longer wear a corset, no longer take medicine. I'm fine.

I start to be active again, my head is no longer cloudy, I live!

I have one last session but I already know that I am healed.

I cannot thank my sister enough for putting me on the road to Serge and Lucas. How to thank them again and again?

Life is good again thanks to this experience.

From G. G. C. France, by email

I hope that Lucas and Serge will appear to each of you on your Path...


And as the sessions progress, feel your body align, 

that the mind falls silent, that life becomes magic and gifts rain down...


And feel yourself Existing,

even stronger than living...

From M. France, by email

A mother who gives birth is a great happiness.

In the days that followed, her baby covered himself with a little eczema despite breastfeeding. Then eczema became general. First questions, the search for causes, the guilt.

Trial of allopathy (diluted cortisone cream) then homeopathy, cures at AVENE then magnetism (meeting of charlatans). Finally a magnetizer endowed with a real gift and there it is great happiness he relives , regains his natural cheerfulness.

At 11 years old, eczema reappears: starting high school, departure from his older brother, my return to work. These are alternating thrusts and remissions.

At 22, a breakup: the explosion, a generalized oozing eczema or a disabling pathology. He is an adult and can no longer manage his push. Resumption of allopathic treatment and outbreak after stopping cortisone creams. Inability to sleep day and night, loss of 10 kg, depression, loss of self-esteem and withdrawal. Everything has to be rebuilt.

Test of a psychologist who practices the TIPI method. It does not work. But this psychologist will give me a very precious number, that of Serge DULAC. It was a miraculous discovery. A long journey, almost 2 years but lasting. A simple, generous, understanding man who knows how to listen, guess, predict what will happen. First, it stimulates the body to cleanse itself and to eliminate this skin problem. After about 6 months his skin starts to shed. Pieces of dead skin come off every day (enough to fill the bottom of a shovel), it was impressive and it lasted several months. The skin regenerated, it became flexible, hydrated again. The itching subsided and he returned to good sleep.

Serge has always worried about his physical and psychological state. A follow-up for 2 years to maintain the bond, help him to hope, re-motivate him when he was suffering a lot and obtain his healing without taking medication, simply by stimulating his body and his mind so that he regulates this dysfunction. Finally it is simply stunning. He is a simple man with an immense gift whom he generously uses to deal with delicate cases. A beautiful person we would like to meet, to ask him questions about his ability to heal.

A big thank you and a big gratitude for having accepted to treat my son and to cure him of physical and psychological sufferings (it was a living plague which dared him to go out any more, which clenched his teeth to take a shower, which gave off a certain smell, the smell of oozing ...)

It is with great joy that I give Serge and Lucas' phone number to friends when traditional medicine is powerless. For the moment it is only a success. All my encouragement to continue your path: the help of desperate people who are suffering

From H. S.'s mother, France, by email

I bear witness to my regeneration today, since my sessions with Serge and Lucas.

 I got to know Serge and Lucas through a trusted person (who had already experienced healing with them himself).

At almost 80 years old, I was stuck taking very many drug treatments (a dozen) for years: for the heart, having had serious arrhythmia, blood pressure, anti coagulants and also for the stomach which could no longer digest and absorb all this chemistry without suffering. But also various other ailments, such as insomnia, severe seasickness, severe low back pain, back and neck pain, cramps, disabling contracture of the toes following an operation, cranial exema, warts , intestinal disorders, hemorrhoids and general fatigue, probably related to taking too many drugs.

We met via internet on skype, and for 6 months we did 6 sessions like this remotely, where Serge and Lucas, channels of a universal force creating life, which they call "phisician" guided me with and towards this source.

"Phisician" gives us the opportunity to connect with our power of self-healing, and answers various questions both esoteric and pragmatic, thanks to a protocol that Serge and Lucas have established! "He" leads us to what is most fair to you.

We therefore, among other things, tested all of my medication stock and I suspended, on "his" advice, very quickly over the weeks, a large part of these drugs which did me more harm than good !! Then, after 6 months, all the drugs !!

I had to negotiate with my confidence and my patience during these months of our sessions, in a hurry to see evolving even faster, my state which was improving, and I finally understood that I had to give the body time to transform , to heal at your own pace, but surely, accompanied by faith…

Today, I’ve just turned 81, and I’m no longer taking any medication. I just supplement my diet with a few simple food supplements. I no longer have stomach pain, blood pressure that remains reasonable for my age, and a heart that has never looked so good for almost twenty years.

My cardiologist does not understand anything, and remains very puzzled about my lack of treatment !!

Many thanks to Serge, Lucas and "Physician". Guy (from Corsica)

From G. L. M. France, by email

August 2013: discovery of an inoperable right lung tumor.

                  1st chemo very badly supported; discontinuation of other chemo sessions; follows 8 weeks of radiotherapy (5 sessions per week).


May 30: PET check; slight regression.

During this period of contact with Serge Dulac, through a friend.

Request for healing session accepted with minimum 5 sessions.


August 26: 1st work session (by skype). Very moving encounter with Lucas and Physician. During the session, announcement of an onset of tumor regression and the need for only 3 sessions.


September 7: 2nd session; further decline of 40%.


September 12: 3rd session; Physician announces the complete regression of my tumor. It is an IMMENSE emotion of Happiness, Faith and Love which invaded me.


September 24: Scanner


September 26: visit with the oncologist who announces the total regression of the tumor… “.with small inflammation of the tissues instead of the ex tumor… so next check, PET + MRI, in February 2015” !!! !!!


* THANKS with all my Soul to Physician, Serge and Lucas my guides.


What does Physician represent for me?


Physician is my inner Self, my divine Self connected to the Source, to the Universal.


He was able to express himself and I could feel it strongly through "the channel" that are Serge and Lucas.



From M. A. France, by email

When I met Serge and Lucas, I was really damaged. Physically, from fatigue and the constant tension in my home. I was literally worn out and psychologically weakened.

In just 5 sessions over 7 months. I was able to rebuild myself and get on with my life. I had the strength to stand up for myself, to make choices for myself, to face up to my problems. Today I feel strong and independent, and I'm proud to say that I've regained my self-confidence. 

The sessions enabled me to heal myself physically: solid anchoring, energetic balance, homogenization... but they also helped me to know my true needs, and to set the pace in my decision-making. 

Result: I'm writing a new chapter in my life, far from the wounds of the past. With the conviction of finally living in harmony with myself. 

One word: thank you. I've found myself again. 

From C. C. France, by email
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