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Available Treatments

For Serge and Lucas, the breakthrough came when they decided to treat the patient's entire well being rather than a few symptoms at a time. By questioning the instinctive field, they were able to find out that treating all aspects of the patient, may they be physical, emotional, or mental, would only require a few more sessions than those needed to treat a single symptom.

If any one symptom may require 1 to 4 sessions to heal,  treating the entire well-being by addressing the deepest causes, mentally, physically, and emotionally, would only require 3 to 6 sessions. 


This greatly changed and enhanced their way of using the instinctive field for healing. They can still treat and relieve symptoms individually, but primarily aim at establishing, through the treatment of the patient as a whole, a stable and satisfactory sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Treating the entire well-being implies a different approach and it is this approach they offer primarily through BSP.  


Bodily Symbiosis Protocole (BSP)


There are three major groups of treatments offered through BSP. These treatments and their specifics were developed by Serge and Lucas with the guidance and knowledge they sourced directly from the instinctive field.


The Basic Cleanse


Consisting of a relatively few number of sessions (1 to 6, depending on the nature of the concerns), the basic cleanse aims to address through targeted treatments all unconscious mechanisms or underlying issues considered detrimental to the well being of the patient. Through these treatments (energy work and/or psychoanalysis) the balance between the physical, the emotional, and mental states of the patient is rendered effortless and sustained. 


To achieve this sustainable stability, the main focus will be to re-anchor the body. Anchoring, understands that all the systems of the body are reviewed and corrected by the internal healing ability of the body itself, allowing the unconscious of the patient to re-establish a clear and unhindered communication with all areas of the being. This entire process is guided by the instinctive field during sessions and is therefore intuitively tailored to the patient's specific needs and abilities. 

Once the symbiosis is witnessed, most patients experience a lasting positive sense of self, a healthy physical disposition, and a new found ability to understand and navigate their environment. This puts them in a good position to start addressing their relationship to others, which is treated primarily during the Vision sessions, and can and most often will physically improve their eyesight.

The Vision


Usually consisting of 1 to 3 sessions, this treatment offers the possibility to address any underlying issues in the relationship of oneself to others. Rendering social interactions more positive and less detrimental to ones self worth and that of others. This process will also allow the body of the patient to begin reviewing and correcting the possible issues it observes in the physical state of the eyes, therefore improving eyesight to the point of dropping prescription eyewear. Emotionally and mentally the results may be practically immediate. Physically they may be witnessed within 3 to 14 months on average.

Having first addressed the relationship to ones self through the basic cleanse, the vision sessions will help the patient not only feel anchored with him or her self but also feel anchored and confortable in their relationship to others.

Being able to interact with oneself  and others more positively some patients will be ready to move on to the 3rd and last major group of treatments offered by Serge and Lucas: Analysis




A 2 to 3 year treatment program, Analysis' aim is to bring the patient, through a guided process, to their highest potential self.

By Cleansing any and all repressed emotions that have been withheld by the body of the patient as physical tentions or detrimental behavioral patterns in the past and present. By addressing the past, present, and possibly future symbiosis of the emotional, physical, and mental areas of the subject. By teaching and enabling the practice of new methods for self healing and self development. By implementing through the guidance of the instinctive field, precise and virtuous suggestions directly to the unconscious of the body.

Analysis' goal is to render your self development abilities endless and naturally sustained, it is a deep and thorough analysis and treatment of the patients entire being and it may be achieved with as little as 6 sessions a year. Serge and Lucas only recommend this treatment if the patient has completed the basic cleanse and the vision first, as it can be challenging.

Once the analysis completed, there is no deeper self-realization process the instinctive field can offer.

What we focus on treating during sessions

Over the years and the many sessions completed, Serge and Lucas have with the help of the Instinctive Field and through practice itself, developed a precise treatment protocol. This protocol enables them to determine exactly what on an emotional, physical, and mental level they must address in order for wellbeing to occur.


The items most usually addressed during treatment are described hereunder by the Instinctive Field which refers to itself as "we". This information was collected over the course of multiple sessions. 

A mental cause


"We consider a mental cause to relate to a thought process which is detrimental to the mental health. This thought process is built through time and reinforced by experience, mental questioning and Psychological turmoil. A mental process which is detrimental, is one that is without a direct and consciously obtainable resolution.

The mental cause is therefore primarily an unconscious exercise of thought, that is what we believe.

Exemple: A mental Cause when emotions caused by an experience or wrongfully interpreted for instance misunderstanding a lack of interest with an obvious rejection mental causes will most often relate to common themes: recognition, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, understanding, belief, commitment

 which may all be preceded by “oneself” (self recognition, self acceptance...)"


A physical cause


"A physical cause relates to an unconscious behavioral spiral which can be maintained by the subject but more often so by the body. Generally, the physical cause refers to a groupment of physical and emotional symptoms which are detrimental to one’s well-being."


A body memory


"The body memory is what it states, the memory of the body. We distinct a positive body memory from a negative body memory, in that the second is detrimental to the health of the subject, or will be. Positive body memories are acquired through time this unconsciously, and by the body itself. A common positive body memory would be for instants, the ability to walk, to talk, to answer an intention physically. The negative body memories also are acquired through time and by the body in an unconscious manner. A common negative body memory may be tension, physically and emotionally, a general state of distress. Body memories are systematically put in place by the body throughout time and to avoid future trouble for the subject. The positive body memory insures that physical actions be undertaken seamlessly and without particular effort. The negative body memories are put in place systematically through time if they may in the future, avoid a mental process to be undertaken, if considered detrimental to the subject. Body memories are entirely organized and created by the body, therefore unconsciously to me."

A practical case of a body memory explained to a patient by the Instinctive Field:


"Psoriasis first came out on March 15, 2006. The Body Memory dates from this period. It involves the retention of tension and gestures, both physical and mental. It is therefore perhaps a question of posture, and this can occur in 2 cases:

1- If I feel unfairly attacked I enter the neutral posture: I stop interacting, I become mute.

2- In the case where I think I am in the wrong during an interaction, I go into a defensive posture and maybe I am perceived from the outside as arrogant.

- In the first case, becoming mute prevents me from defending myself and in the long run this can be negative. 
- In the second case, with arrogance, I lose my chance to be forgiven for a mistake I may have made. 

Psoriasis can be a visual and sensory way of justifying these two cases.
- I feel discomfort but I can't particularly talk about it because ultimately it only affects me.
- At times it's visual and I have to, in the discomfort of what others perceive, stay strong, and too bad if I sound arrogant."



Remarks: we clearly see here a demonstration of the type of analysis that the Field allows, but also of the intelligence of the body that chooses to produce a symptom (both visual and sensory, so it cannot be ignored), which on the one hand indicates to the patient that something is wrong and that his 2 attitudes could be harmful to him in the long run, and on the other hand this symptom allows the patient to, in a way, justify to others his two bad attitudes (staying silent or being in arrogance). The Body Memory is therefore a symptom created, wanted by the body to rectify a mental attitude, whereas symptoms generally result from an accumulation of repressed emotions (which is now admitted).

Translated with (free version)


An Oversight


"The oversight describes a negative body memory that has been willingly overlooked by the body, and this unconsciously to me but consciously to the body. The oversight is therefore a negative body memory that is no longer triggered consciously by the body. Having been overlooked it finds itself part of the automatic systems of the body. A common automatic system may be the respiratory system, the blood circulation, the brain functions and such. The oversight is therefore automatically triggered. A common oversight may be any symptom, physical or emotional, which is considered random, erratic and uncontrollable."


Harmonic Recalibration 


"The harmonic recalibration is as it states, a recalibration of the harmony, in this case, of the physical emotional and mental states. The emotional, physical and mental states are interconnected through energy, in other words, a subtle but determined mix of energy  patterns, and therefore vibrations, which may be felt physically and witnessed emotionally. These energy patterns, vibrations and currents create a harmony of sounds which may through the process of experience and the undergoing of time require recalibration."




"Homogenization is as it states, homogenization of the relation and exchange between the physical, the emotional, and the mental states. These states being interconnected Through the process of energy, are maintained in a state of exchange through and buy the nervous system of the body. Homogenization is therefore required if for any reason, valid or invalid, the nervous system has been shut down in certain areas of its functions to homogenize it’s continuous relay of information, from physical to emotional, emotional to mental, mental to emotional, emotional to physical and so on ..."




"What we call analysis, is a deep and thorough analysis of the past, present, and possibly future symbiosis. Symbiosis of the emotional, physical, and mental state of a subject. Analysis has for its main goal the purpose to cleanse, re-organize and re-establish stability throughout the emotional, physical, and mental areas of the subject. First and foremost the analysis’s goal Is to address and correct, emotional physical and mental patterns that are detrimental in their autonomy to the well-being of the subject. 

Analysis is therefore a three-step process. The first being an analysis and observation of current and lingering autonomous patterns of negative nature. The second being a guided introspection into personal detrimental behavior. This introspection is triggered multiple times and on multiple occasions by the unconscious of the subject. The self analysis or introspection being itself entirely conscious. The third and last is what we may call a simulation process, in which the unconscious of the subject, will guide the subject through a series of predetermined exercises. These exercises may relate to the understanding of pain, thus exercising the dialogue which occurs between the physical body and the subject, but can also demonstrate emotional digestion, the process through which the subject consciously understands and processes emotions, but may also relate to thought and mental behavior, addressing in this case the ability of the subject to undergo self analysis through the process of thought."


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